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Nejvyšší model OG, Analog 2, Unison USB, černá barva, originální obal, Made in USA. Špičkový DAC s analogovým zvukem. Recenze nejen na stránkách výrobce Pro znalce.

The Absolute Sound review:

Designed by industry legend Mike Moffat, the Yggdrasil DAC sounds very much like the famous Theta Digital DACs that Moffat designed in the 1980s and 1990s—but better.
Like the Theta DACs of yore, the Yggdrasil has a bold, assertive, vibrant, even vivid presentation. Because of this startling clarity, individual musical lines within complex arrangements are spatially and timbrally distinct.
This has the effect of revealing each musical part with greater precision, as well as the intent of each musician—and with that comes a fuller, richer, and more complex presentation of the composition and arrangement.
Transient attacks, from a hard-hit snare drum to the most delicate tap on a cymbal, are startlingly fast, defined, and vivid.
If you’re looking for a DAC that does quad-rate DSD, decodes MQA, offers a volume control, and includes a headphone amp, look elsewhere. But if the very best reproduction of PCM sources is your goal, the Yggdrasil is the ticket.
It’s a spectacular performer on an absolute level, and an out-of-this world bargain.

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