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NLG universal stand is our interpretation in the foundation of any installation. It is designed in collaboration with designers and audiophiles. NLG's Stand is made of HDF - wood fibre panel, colour throughout, with superior mechanical resistance - with a smart design that allows you to (un)fold it in 5 minutes or less without any tools or screws needed. Comes in a variety of colours. The bottom two shelves are ideal for storing vinyl, but can be used for other purposes; the top shelf is designed to fit most record players. NLG universal stand is great for vinyl enthusiasts or genuine audiophiles.

The Universal Stand provides space for a variety of equipment. You can use it as you prefer. We think, that the basic components should be: a turntable, a compact pre-amp. / compact amplifiers and vinyl records with accessories.

Bottom shelves are primarily made for vinyl storage, but can be used as you prefer. Each vinyl shelf holds up to 100 vinyl records, and has an engravement specially made to beautifully display one vinyl. The shelf construction is designed to prevent vinyl records from being pushed back in too deep. Round cutouts on the side panels are similar to the shape of the vinyl records and allow you to admire beautiful covers of records.

Our design provides easy access from the rear for connecting new cables, so no additional cable holes are not required for laying cables; and also allows you to separate the left and right cables for even better insulation.

Intuitive assembly:
Both sides of all structural elements have the same finish, the left and right side panels are interchangeable, just like the shelves and rear fixation elements. It is very easy to assemble the stand without additional instructions just by looking at the photo of the finished product.
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