Pro-Ject Stream Box RS

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Pro-Ject Stream Box RS

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německé Audio číslo 1/2013

RESPECT! On a par with classreference
Linn Sneaky DS, but with a
full and deep tone, that the Linn is not
able to deliver!
Box Control App comes for free and
convinces with clear menu navigation
and easy to read script.
Price/performance ratio: Outstanding!

Pro-Ject always had a good hand
for affordable tube technology, (like
phono preamps of the Tube Box
range) Stream Box RS is not cheap,
but clearly a grown-up member in
the network-player family.
Inobtrusive, very organically and
dynamic sound quality, that also can
be used for other digital sources.

+ Full-bodied, very natural
and mellow sound
- no iPhone playback, fast
forward and return is
implemented, but viscous


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